A considered and honest approach to creation. Naturally derived materials, advocating integrity and leading with our vision of creating with good intention.


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Design well, design responsibly

Louley is a creative practise utilizing sustainable materials and processes to develop a new kind of luxury - a luxury that seeks to slow the fashion cycle, a luxury that focuses on craftsmanship and a luxury that helps to increase the integrity of our fashion choices.

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Craftsmanship that is considered and designed with integrity, to ensure long wearing, timeless luxury for the modern woman.

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Claudine - Close up with our beloved Claudine

Claudine - Close up with our beloved Claudine


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Fashion Revolution : Our Responsibility

Fashion Revolution : Our Responsibility We are a young brand founded with a vision; a vision to do things differently, with good intention and to make fashion better. We want to act sustainably and we take this into consideration for every action we make. This week marks the annual global movement of Fashion Revolution, a week that highlights a fairer, safer, and more transparent industry.

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Earth Woman Pheonix Wild ~ A Connected Life

Earth Woman Pheonix Wild ~ A Connected Life Described as the forgotten cousin of the larger Hawaiian islands, Kauai has a small and sleepy town charm. Etched with vivid colours, sheer cliffs and unmatched views of the ocean this place is anything but forgotten. A place to unplug, recharge and unwind, you won’t find a better spot than on this island in the middle of the Pacific. Kauai’s low-key vibes, unique and remote feel is what attracts many of its dwellers. Living in the wilds of island life is earth centred beauty and all round worthy woman, Jordan aka Pheonix Wild.

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